Friday, June 18, 2010

Defecation - Purity Dilution - CD featuring Mick Harris of Napalm Death on Nculear Blast Records

Defecation was a project by Mick Harris (Back then in Napalm Death) and Mitch Harris (Back then in Rightous Pigs and now in Napalm Death). All this legandary outfit ever released was this album entitled "Purity Dilution" produced by Dan Lixer (Nuclear Assault / Brutal Truth) and 2 tracks for "Death Is Just The Beginning" compilation. Defecation were one of the first bands to combine the elements of Grindcore and Death Metal. Purity Dilution can stand as a milestone in the history of brutal music, so if you dig Napalm Death and don't own this one, shame on you!
You just gotta check out this awesome album!

Sad Lovers And Giants - Treehouse Poetry - UK import vinyl album on Midnight Records 1991

Sad Lovers & Giants are a rock band from Watford, England who formed in 1981. Their sound blends post-punk, folk and psychedelia and has seen them described as 'a pastoral Pink Floyd'.

The band's members have included Garçe (vocals), Tristan Garel-Funk (who went on to form The Snake Corps) (guitar), Tony McGuinness (now part of the trance trio Above & Beyond) (Guitar), Cliff Silver (bass), Ian Gibson (bass), David Wood (keyboards and saxophone), Juliet Sainsbury (keyboards) and Nigel Pollard (drums & percussion).

The original line up produced two albums, Epic Garden Music and Feeding the Flame, but split up in 1984 on the verge of commercial success. They returned in 1987 after a personnel change and released The Mirror Test, Headland and Treehouse Poetry before their label, Midnight Music, went bust in and the band split once again. E-mail From Eternity, a 'best of' compilation was released by Cherry Red in 1996 after picking up the Midnight catalogue from the receivers. The band rose from their frequently raked ashes to release a brand new album called Melting in the Fullness of Time in 2002 and played in Italy for the first time a year later.
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Sleep - Holy Mountain - Cassette tape on Earache Records

Setting heavy metal's evolutionary clock back to the stone-age days of Saint Vitus with their debut Volume One was seemingly not enough for San Jose's Sleep, who decided to time travel all the way back to the pre-historic days of earliest Black Sabbath with their second album, 1993's Sleep's Holy Mountain. Indeed, while Kyuss' Blues for the Red Sun and Monster Magnet's Spine of God are more frequently cited as the most influential and important albums in launching the American stoner/doom metal scene, not even these landmark releases compare to Holy Mountain for sheer devotion to unadulterated doom and copious weed consumption. In fact, as monolithic opener "Dragonaut" descends into a bass solo at its conclusion, one would be forgiven for expecting the band to segue straight into "N.I.B." -- such is their similarity to classic Sabbath. Instead, they grind into "The Druid," which despite a quick nod to the Sabs' "Electric Funeral," actually begins to establish Sleep's personality, as riff upon massive riff in the form of songs like "Evil Gypsy/Solomon's Theme" and the groove-heavy "Aquarian" flow from the speakers like molten lava. In an age of machine-gun double-bass drums, Sleep's most startling quality had to be their seemingly endless patience. As they slowly embark upon the mammoth power chords of the title track and "From Beyond," they also prolong the buildup of tension before delivering a final release of cathartic proportions. Besides greatly inspiring next generation doomsters like Electric Wizard, such unwavering dedication to weed would also set the stage for their controversial and unfortunate swan song Jerusalem -- featuring a single, mind-bending 52-minute track.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pale - And Shed Her Skin - 7 Inch members of Dag Nasty, Circle Jerks, Descendents and Red Red Meat on Elastic records

Brian Deck is an American music producer and member of band Red Red Meat. He co-founded Idful Studios in 1988. In the early 2000's, Deck produced bands including Califone, Fruit Bats, The Grates, Holopaw, Iron & Wine, and Modest Mouse.
Pale - And Shed Her Skin - 7 Inch members of Dag Nasty, Circle Jerks, Descendents and Red Red Meat on Elastic records

Lawndale - Beyond Barbecue - Vinyl album on SST Records

The second and final album by Lawndale doesn't make any astonishing advances from their first -- but how could you improve on one of the best surf-fusion albums ever made? The band's trademark interlocking guitar melodies are as energetic and precise as ever, and the compositions are as brilliant and quirky as ever. Once again, there is one highly unlikely fusion of two artists' work -- the version of Duke Ellington's "Caravan" with Pink Floyd's "Interstellar Overdrive" -- and once again it works like a charm. Lawndale sounds perfect here, and there is no clue that this would be their swan song. After the recording of "Beyond Barbecue," the band drifted apart, and though they sporadically reunited for concerts and even wrote some new material, none of it was ever released.
Lawndale - Beyond Barbecue - Vinyl album on SST Records

No Man - Diamondback - White vinyl 7 inch with Roger Miller of Mission of Burma on SST Records

Mission of Burma dissolved in 1983, due in large part to guitarist Roger Miller's hearing problems, directly caused by the astonishingly loud band's volume. Miller (along with bandmate Martin Swope) joined Erik Lindgren's experimental chamber music project Birdsongs of the Mesozoic immediately, and simultaneously pursued a more rock-oriented direction with his one-man live project Maximum Electric Piano. No Man is basically a combination of the two approaches, mixing the avant-garde concepts of Birdsongs with the muscular oomph of Miller's rock & roll edge.
No Man - Diamondback - White vinyl 7 inch with Roger Miller of Mission of Burma on SST Records